Absent smiles but still there

So it’s been a little quiet on the smile blog front but that’s not to say smiles haven’t been create. Well at least I hope not.


This Summer has been mega busy with the wedding photography which I hope I have helped towards creating massive smiles by helping photograph their special day.


For me (not just because I’m a photographer) but in general believe photography is one of the most important parts of a wedding day. Yes you can buy the perfect dress, have an amazing cake, arrive in the swankiest of cars but without it being photographed professionally how can you capture those moments for years to come. Yes you will always remember certain things (I’m sure I’ll always own my wedding trainers till I’m old and grey) but to convey these details and moments to people who couldn’t attend and children and grandchildren in years to come photos are the only way.


So the weddings…… there have been some belters (Yes I’m from Wigan).  There’s been Italian and English national anthems sang full belt, bra swinging, elderly ladies planking, battery operated fans, the arrival of a dog at a reception, of course celebrating our first wedding anniversary photographing an amazing couple at our now shared wedding venue and an amazing wedding celebration of Mr & Mrs Field which was full of camping, wig wams, bouncy castles. folk band and PIE  (I’m a bit biased on this one as they are awesome friends)

Here are just a few hightlights. For more seeEighth Avenue Photography













Chocolate Post mission smile

It’s been a while since I last posted a smile. Things have been very busy with lots of things going on. Hopefully  I have still managed to create some smiles in the mean time but now it’s back on to let you all know about some smile creations. I have a couple of smiles to be created and updated so here is:-


So me and my bestie Miss B came up with an idea that we wanted to see if it would work. Would Mr Postman be able to resist munching on some yummy chocolate if it was just sent it as a chocolate bar?



So hopefully the chocolate bar will not only make it to Miss B in one piece but also with a Mr Postie added smile

Bling a ding Smiles

One of my favourite things that makes me smile is hearing about people getting engaged. I’m a big sucker for all things wedding related and am always on hand to help out, craft, share my ideas about anybodies upcoming wedding. I enjoyed creating my own day so much and after 2 years of planning was totally worth it in seeing the end result and those nearest and dearest  enjoy my creation; so I am always willing to help out others create theirs. 

I was super excited to see a fellow blogger get engaged in the last month and though we have not seen each other in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrs. It’s always one of those where we must get together but just never get the chance. But she always has a friendly word for me and has a great blog  Perfume Click

So in order to welcome her to the world of engagement, a pre wedding happy mail was in need.


Wedding reading material

3 4Because every bride to be needs a planning notepad (or 5 like I ended up with)

Hopefully this will create a wedding planning smile and start her off in the right direction for the happy planning times

And because we all love a bit of jewellery porn – THE RING (absolutely stunning. Well done Mr G)


And we will of course be on hand to offer our wedding photography services Eighth Avenue Photography

Engagement Smiles -BIG SMILES

One of the best days of the year so far created two major smiles and smiles all round for those that know them.

It started out with a treasure hunt. The aim was for the two teams – Miss J, Mr C, Master P and Bazatron to follow the clues to locatiosn around Preston and by using the first letter of each location would spell out their final destination. This was set up with invitations sent to everyone with and envelope of clues for each team member. Or so Miss J thought.


This was all set up for the purpose of B’s proposal to Miss J.

As the first team and I made our way around Preston, B and Master P along with the hubby who Miss J though to be at work were setting up at Brockholes nature reserve where it would be filmed and photogrpahed to capture the event unfold.

After an hour and half of clue searching we were done and on our way.


Reaching the nature reserve, Miss J none the wiser when we saw Baz waiting on the jetty. Miss J was convinced that he’d won. We played it cool explaining he didn’t have the X he needed to win. Encouraging her to go ask him she made her way over where he told her he had in fact won.

bazjadeblog2 bazjadeblog3

Having explained his victory they made their way down to the end of the jetty to take a photo of his winnings where he then presented her with his Ipad.

A slideshow was flicked through stating how ‘amazing she was and how much baz lover hed ended with a screen shot of the words SO……’

She turned around to find him on one knee holding out a stunning ring.

She of course said YES!!!!!

With all the moment from start to finish captured on camera it is a day never to be forgotton. And for all of those who couldn’t be there check out the video to see the whole thing.

GUEST POST – The Adventures Of A Beauty Apprentice

I recently did a guest post for ‘The Adventures of a beauty apprentice and in return she did her very own smile blgo entry for me.

One rainy day not so long ago, soon after I had started this blog I learnt that an old friend from primary school with THE most awesome name and initials (yes you guessed it – they are the same as mine!) had started a blog called ‘Once Upon My Smile’ and I can honestly say that it is one of the most inspiring, lovely and delightful blogs I have read and subscribed to to-date. It is very simply and honestly written, no gimmicks or flash products, although the lady in question is a dab hand at photography and amazingly crafty so that helps, but it is moreish.

As you may have guessed from the title it is all about making others smile, or what makes the author smile. And after having being infected by the blog from the beginning I was proud to share my experience with the author, and she asked me to share it with her readers so here I am.

I find the yuletide period one of great excitement, full of buzz from the anticipation of the presents, the over indulgence in food and also a rare time to catch up with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong it is one of the longest breaks given in a working year (unless one is a teacher) but yet I always end the time feeling like I’m ready for another holiday. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of my long standing yet far too distant friends a couple of months ago, who i shall name E. We met at uni whilst we both did German as part of our degree and became instant friends when I decided to jump on board her plans of where she was going on her 4 month placement to Germany.

Luckily we got on marvellously and a beautiful friendship developed, bonded largely on her inability to function without a coffee in a morning and my horrendous and unpredictable mood changes – we settled into a lovely routine of being there for each other and to this date she remains one of my dearest and bestest friends – we lived together in our final year of uni, shared many secrets and experiences and the only problem is now is that we don’t live close enough.


Over this conversation i learnt that she had not had as good a Christmas as many others due to a really, really sad tragic event that happened – one of which I will keep private if you don’t mind – but in any case she was upset and I couldn’t be there to cuddle her. It is said that I have a lot of friends, which I do, I am a rather sociable person and if I am going to end up anything like my Mother then I will end up talking to strangers and making friends with them too – but I have a select bunch who are my closest and most treasured friends and when they feel pain then I feel it too. This was one of those occasions. After speaking to her I desperately wanted to send her something to make her smile and remembering a topic of our conversation I sent her this :


It has not gone unnoticed in my eyes that there is a split opinion about this woman – Miranda Hart – but in this story she is a hero (or heroine?). We both absolutely love her and for anyone who has seen the show you will understand that there are many traits in what she does that resemble any normal daily routine. Well if it doesn’t, you’re lucky but for E & I it does – I think she is possibly the funniest female ever. I was fortunate enough to receive this autobiography for Christmas so I decided that E was in great need of it too – and although I haven’t finished reading it, it has brought a smile to both of our faces on many occassions – the sending and receiving of it, when I shared my act of kindness with this fabulous blog author and her reaction, the tales, trials and tribulations that Miranda goes through and being able to share with E the bits we love. That to me, is priceless.


Big Bro Smiles

My brother is an awesome guy. Someone I would call my friend not just my brother. He is kind and generous and just one of those all round nice guys


Growing up we kind of had to be friends as all our ours from school lived at the other end of the village. From this we grew common interests in film and music. I remember three times falling asleep at the end of his bed trying to watching Demolition man, which for the record is an awesome film. He moulded me into an Everton fan and was with me as I went through my Duncan Ferguson stage and my John Oster obsession (Oh yes, remember this guy – OBSESSED)


One of the most monumental things we did as a bro/sis team was travel across the world to spend four months in Sydney. This was an amazing time ad we experienced so much from climbing the bridge, watching stars appear at the MTV music awards, appearing on our fave Australian Tv show – ROVE live, Green day concert. Weekly trips to department store Myers to play all the new game releases, Easter fair , celebrating Australia day, St Paddy’s day with green cider, swimming in the great barrier reef and just general dossing around Sydney and exploring all it had to offer. bro1 bro2













As we have both gone on and become grown ups. All married with houses, we don’t see each other as much as I’d like but I know he is always there if I needed him for that big bro help. Though he’s never really had to do the beating anyone up to defend me or warned boys off but I know he would. I look forward to the future where our families celebrate together and our future offspring grow up together and we have to throw kid’s parties. So in an ode to my bro and to give him and his lovely wife a smile of their return home from Doha where they have spent 10 days visiting the in laws I sent them a romantic meal for two in a box. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this due to a unfortunate deleting incident – naming no names. So I will tell you that the box contained a packet soup to start, Rogan josh seasoning for main, Angel delight for dessert followed by two sachets of hot chocolate for after dinner drinks. They also received dinner candles and hand drawn placemats along with a selection of stick on moustaches as after dinner entertainment.

So apologies for the lack of pictures of this smile but I assure you one was achieved.

Beauty Smiles


The Adventures of a beauty apprentice

The nature of my blog is to create smiles. Not with huge expensive gestures or anything like that but from doing simple everyday things to make people smile. This can be friends and family as well as people I’ve never met.

The blog also looks into the things that make me smile and this for you is one of those.

When one of my primary school friends asked me to write a beauty post for her blog I was a little stumped. I’m not the girliest girl in the world when it comes to beauty stuff. Clothes, shoes, bags, I’m all over that. But beauty and make up has never been a big thing for me. I freaked out when it was suggested I use a make up artist for my wedding. My cry of ‘Can’t i just do it myself’ won through tho.

With this i mind, something changed at Christmas. Something new came in to my life. It had been a stocking filler (yes, I still get a stocking at nearly 30) off my mum and at first I was a little cautious. But had been a gift and rather than throw it away I gave it a try and from there I fell in love.

Face masked up it was such a bizarre experience. It felt like when you used to put PVA glue all over your hand just to peel it off. (Come on we all did it) I sat perfectly still for 20 minutes, having to finish off my conversation with the dog till it set.


I wasn’t quote sure what to expect and actually thought it wouldn’t really make much difference. After peeling it off when my 20 minutes was up, which in itself  is worth putting the face mask on for, my skin was refreshed and phenomenally smooth. I couldn’t stop touching my cheek. I felt revitalized and instantly text Mr D telling him ‘You gotta try this!’


I have since used stores own brands which just doesn’t quite do the job as well as Montagne Jenresse ‘Passion peel off’. So I will be sticking with them and making my way through all the flavours.


There is a chocolate one I’m intrigued by though part of me feels that one won’t be as refreshing and I’ll just end up licking it off my face.

Old Photo Grandpa Smiles

A couple of weeks back my mum dropped a photo off with me that my Grandpa wanted me to take a copy of.


It was an awesome photo in which featured my Grandpa as a young lad with a band. (He is the dashing young man 2nd from left) One of the other gents my Grandpa had recently found out had gone into a care home so had decided to visit him.Reminiscing about old times the photo in question had come to mind and this was the reason my grandpa had asked for a copy so he could pass it on to him.

Having looked at the photo it had obviously become faded and slightly battered so I went to work enhancing it and taking out the marks to make it look brand new. Perfect


I made two copies so my Grandpa couple keep one for himself and handed them back.

Having bumped into my Auntie Edna (not my real auntie but she is awesome) she told me how Grandpa had told her all the tale and how the gentleman’s face had absolutely lit up when he had been handed the photos. She also went on to tell me it was actually my Grandpa’s best man from when him and my Nan had got married.

I’m glad I had a hand in this smile that my Grandpa had created for an old friend.

Switzerland travel care package smiles

The man of honour is off on another Switzerland jaunt but unfortunately me and the hubby are not going with him. Therefore I decided to send him a little care package to send him on his way and ensure he enjoys his time there.


As there will be snow and a chill this time he has plans to do some hiking and learn to snowboard. Now knowing the history of Mr S he has a habit of somehow hurting himself from doing hardly anything at all. This does not bode well when putting him and snowboarding together so just hope he has his insurance at the ready.

So to ensure he is helped on his way there a small care package was sent to include things he may find useful whilst on his way there.


There included in his package we had chewy sweets for the take off, gloves to keep hands warm, travel checkers for those cold evenings, heat pad, bandages, hiking flag,starbucks gift card for pre flight cake and coffee, safety instructions and a little present from my Rabbid to his.





Mr S has said he will be doing a lot of hiking so the ‘I made it to the top’ flag is for photographic evidence to be made to prove he’s hiked the mountains of Switzerland. The safety instructions are due to the fact that I (the sensible, H&S conscious of the group) will not be there to moniter activities. This safety/instruction sheet includes – Listen to only good music on the plane, wrap up warm, Take lots of pictures, do not drink in high altitude, eat lots of good chocolate and listen to all instructions when learning to snowboard.


The parcel was well received (though the post from York were we posted it took its own sweet time getting it to him) and appreciaton photos sent included Mr S’s rabbid holding his present from my Crazy rabbid. (Please note the sweets have already been eaten!)






Hope he has a lovely time (even tho I’m super jealous) and that he doesn’t break anything. Though then at least the bandages may come in handy.