In the beginning

I often get told I look miserable, I know harsh but unfortunately true. I just seem that have one of those downturned faces and it only get’s worse when i’m thinking or concentrating, which admittedly isn’t often.

Anywho despite this I am normal and like to smile. I have the photo smile and then the genuine don’t care smile


Like everyone I would hope I like to smile and usually find it’s the silly obscure things that do it.

There are blogs I read that inspire this, there are people in my life that never fail to do this and there is the creation of this blog which is my aim to not only continue to smile a day for myself but also provide smiles for others.

After one of the most amazing days of my life, my wedding I lost my productive, creative mojo. I think after spending two years planning and crafting for the wedding, I then had a lot of time and little inspiration for my next project. So this is is, so enjoy, comment, share your stories and Smile (just add that little bit of cheese)

So if that’s the intro done and what this is all about the question is how is this gonna happen. There are a few ways in which this will be attempted. I know my company alone will obviously make people smile (big head much) it is the little things extra that will get the genuine big grins. So it will be helping my friends do something, sending happy mail for no reason, providing unexpected things to strangers to make them smile and any other ideas you guys have to help me on my quest.


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