Those little things that create a smile

So there are things in the world that will always make me crack a smile. Whether it is a general smile from browsing the internet or one that I need created by those around me.

There are certain people in my life that have the power to do this and I know would be there to call in when I need a smile.


These are five of the closest people in my life who I would not be without. One of which is my husband. Even getting to call him that make me smile. E.B as he shall be known is one of the most amazing people I have ever met (hence why I married him, that way I get to keep him forever) He is driven, caring , a big softy and he would lay his life down to look after me and for that I love him. He also has this knack of making me smile even when I want to be in a grump and don’t want to. Except in the mornings, that’s the only grumpy time he has yet to crack.

I also have my two crazy girls

These two are two of the craziest girls I have ever met, both former work collegues who have gone on to be awesome friends. Who are so kind natured and wacky you cannot help but fall in love with them both after meeting them.

Of course I have my family who without a doubt have always loved and supported me through everything which inevitably makes me smile.

So over with the mushy bit, other smiles come from the Internet ( of course!)

How can you fail to smile at this

I could probably find loads but then that would ruin your fun of finding them yourselves. ( I promise I’ll add more as I find them)

Then there are the blogs. I am a sucker for reading craft blogs and wedding blogs etc but I came across this one blog that was kind of an inspiration for this blog itself. She is an improv artist but in her personal life makes herself smile from making others smile which is my own personal aim. So thank you Katie

What is it that is able to create your smile?


One thought on “Those little things that create a smile

  1. My dog makes me smile every day, but especially when we go for a walk and he is off lead. Very relaxing 🙂

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