High School Smiles

Starting high school can be daunting. New people, new environment, homework………….

I vaguely remember starting my first day of high school. I knew what bus I was catching and where from and luckily one of my friends from primary school would be with me with a friend she knew from church so we were good to go. I think I was excited about going. I was very much a geek so yeah for school. My older brother was at the same school but he would be at ‘upper school’ that year whilst I started at ‘lower’ school for first year. It was only as I went into my second year I had to question whether he would actually actually acknowledge I was his sister. ( He did because he’s nice, also because he had to give me a lift too and from school once he learnt to drive so had no choice)

All in all I don’t remember any horrific experiences from high school. I met some awesome people throughout my school life. I enjoyed the different lessons it offered up. I’ve always been an artsy nerd so loved my art and graphics lessons. Drama was always a bit scary for someone as shy as me but it did help me come out of my shell a little and of course P.E  hmmmmmmm not so much on the P.E side. Sit me with some buttons and glue and I’m awesome, throw me outside to run through woods in shorts and tshirt,  makes me want to cry.

Whilst you’re in high school it feels like hard work and constant pressure (which it should be) but when I look back I did in fact really enjoy it and wouldn’t change it at all.

So this leads me to create my first smile.  A  friend of mine and E.B’s has a daughter just starting high school. One of the best kids I’ve met and super fun. So to make her transition into high school that less scary I sent a starter pack for high school.

I am a complete sucker for stationary (ever stuck for a present, pens, paper, general    stationary .I’m happy) So her starter pack consisted of highligher pens, biro, jotter  etc. One of the best things about starting a new term was getting the new bag, pencil case and stationary. Now I have to make new excuses to buy them. Needless to say she received a smile

What were your starting school experiences?


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