Swiss smiles

Living in Switzerland how could you not smile? No matter how hum drum your job may be, you get to look out the window and see the view of the alps or spend your two hour lunch break eating at the foot of the Notre Dame cathedral. Even so a smile for anyone through the working day is always a pleasure.

Whilst on our stay in Leysin, Switzerland we went for a lovely meal. I opted for the ostrich. It was either that or horse but wasn’t sure I could bring myself to eat that. Poor neigh neigh’s (edit : by Cal – I would have eaten it)

Smothered in garlic with a side of pommes frites it was a delight to eat. The service was a pleasure so to make a Swiss smile a thank you note was left once we had paid and left to make our waitress smile throughout the rest of her shift.

The scenery in Switzerland is stunning and is exceptionally clean. When people say the place is like a picture postcard this certainly lives up to this saying. Looking at all the postcards available to buy they completely match the beautiful surroundings if not more so. I have walked around in awe as to how picturesque all the building and mountains are. The castles there are also all very much like the fairytales. You say castle in England and you think ruins and grey brick. Say it in Switzerland and you get turrets, creams and pinks and images of the prince coming to slay the dragon to slay the princess. My inner child fairytale imagination comes into play as we drive past them.

The reason we took this trip to Switzerland is to visit E.B’s best man who has the awesome job of teaching out there. An amazing opportunity which also gives him the chance to partake in his hobbies of snowboarding and mountain biking in his spare time. How could you not want that job. If we were to visit again would be in the snow season, though the closest I will get to going down some slopes is on my sledge.

Thank you best man for letting us come play in Switzerland for the week. Another place ticked off the map.

What makes you smile at work?


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