A Day Full Of Smiles

Having received our amazing wedding photos the other week we were able to relieve the most amazing day of my life with E.B, our Wedding day. 2 years in the making (not counting all the months before were I had been secretly gathering ideas) all the hard work paid off as my imagined day came to life. Everyone who has looked through the pictures comments on the laughter and smiles from the day and this reflecting the whole theme of the day.

Something my Dad said to me afterwards summed up how I felt on the day. ‘ You just had a big smile on your face all day long’. As simple as that is it was the way I felt all day. It was just so fun and an amazing experience to share with all my friends and family.

My bridesmaid B was with me at around 11am. Everything was going to plan and I had nothing to do till about 12pm when I had to start getting my make up done and the dress on and we got super giddy. There was talk of us playing hide and seek (in the one room I was allowed in) though we did contemplate sneaking me out under the duvet. Then we started to take silly photos on my mum’s camera until she walked in.

Though we partook in the ‘traditional’ first dance, though being our wedding it wasn’t totally traditional as we had a mash up of  empire state of mind part one and two it was the last dance that was the bigger smile. Having requested ‘Take That – Greatest Day’ ( something I had totally forgot I had done until the DJ announced it)  all our friends created a small circle around me and E.B and all sung along together and did what is essentially a hokey kokey dance around us. AMAZING!

Another dancing smile came as me, my bridesmaids and two of my closest gal pals performed our ‘Katy Perry – Firework’ dance. Of course we think we look ever so good even though we are dancing like fools but it made us smile and that’s all that matters.

There were so many moment throughout the day which made me smile all which culminate in making this day so very special and will always bring a smile to my face when I look through the photos in years to come. The biggest smile as cheesy as it is comes from the fact I got to marry my best friend and I get to keep him for life.


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