Christmas is HERE! Santa Smiles

Christmas in retail is sometimes seen as the dreaded word but I am a huge sucker for Christmas so it all just adds to the fun for me of being involved in people’s Christmas shopping and helping them find the perfect gift.

I am all about hunting round to get the best gift I can for friends and family, whether it be something they’ve wanted but never bought, something handmade and heartfelt or something just to make them smile.

I think I’ve done ok this year. We have done Secret Santa this year within our close knit of friends and I am currently in the process of wrapping. Quite pleased with the outcome though some may think it’s a little geeky.

I love to watch all the Christmas films on – some that never fail to get me in the spirit are Elf and Miracle on 34th Street. It was Home alone that started me off this year thanks to Channel 4 showing a Christmas film every Sunday. Magical!

Nothing would make me smile more at Christmas than spending it in New York City. Boo to one of my crazy girls who actually gets to do that this year with her lovely boyfriend. So happy and jealous of them at the same time. I have spent just before and just after Christmas the but never the day itself. For someone who enjoys the bustle and excitement you get around Christmas as people busy themselves thought he streets trying to find the perfect gift New York is the place to be in to be amongst this in it’s element. Add in Christmas lights in every street and window, window displays that gather crowds. Buildings wrapped as present (this actually happens thanks to Cartier.) and a huge ass tree. It just doesn’t get any better, well not until you add in some of the honey roasted nuts from the street venders.



Today was the day I got the house into the Christmas spiritĀ and decked the house out with garlands, ribbons and a lovely tree. I even got Suki involved.



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