Santa Smiles


So no matter how old you are it would always be a joy to receive a letter from Santa. He’s a very busy man you know so to receive a letter through the post from him is monumental.

Well that’s what my friends B&J got the other day, a letter through the post from the man himself (or maybe me disguised as one of his Christmas helpers)

They were getting in the Christmas spirit having put the tree up and watching Christmas films so I knew it was the perfect time to send it to them.

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The letter to them both read :-

Dear Barrie & Jade
I was looking at my “good and bad” list the other day and even through you are way too old for Santa, Your names were right at the top, So i thought that i would write you this letter!
Its almost time for me and the reindeer to leave for our epic journey on Christmas Eve. Rudolph and the other reindeer have been working-out very hard to get fit for their super-fast journey around the world but I haven’t managed to loose any weight – I’m still the same fat old Santa! Perhaps Mrs Claus makes me too much wonderful food, Or maybe i should go on a diet. I wouldn’t want to get stuck down someones’s chimney!
My records tell me that you have been extremely good this year, intact, Here are a few of the things that you have done:   Been great friends, Had great smiles, Been generally awesome
Christmas is such a busy time at Lapland. We have to travel all over the world, Visiting all the boys and girls on Christmas Eve. We know that some of the presents you would like are:   Toys for Meeko, Giraffe Socks, Any Apple products
I’ll shortly be leaving to start my journey round the world on Christmas Eve. Normally i feel quiet safe and secure, But last year when i parked down Long Meadows there where drunken yobs who started throwing snowballs at me, But they has a surprise the next day when they unwrapped their “Special” presents, That i asked Rudolph and the other reindeer to make especially for them!!!
Ok Barrie & Jade, I must go now and get ready for my big trip around the world. Be sure to go to bed early on Christmas Eve, Because i one stop by when boys and girls are fast asleep in their beds. The reindeer and I will try to be quiet when we land on your roof.


PS. Remember to leave some carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeer, And some mince pies for me!
Needless to say smiles achieved

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