An Ultimate Happy Mail

As a movie geek and a HUGE Spielberg fan this put a massive smile of my face.

I have been known to send some Happy mail of my own but this one will take some beating.


Mr S sent a link to me which led me to this and it is awesome. It would seem ‘someone’ and hte jury is still out on who that someone is and why they have sent this, created a journal belonging to Indiana Jones mentor  and sent it to the university professors.  The amount of time and care whoever has sent it has put into it is amazing  to create smiles for the people that received it. There are a few theories surrounding the inventive and creative package. Was it a promotion scheme from Lucasfilm? A make believe game for other followers to find and continue the story or one theory from director of undergraduate outreach for the university

“I would like to believe, in some sense, that it was a prospective student that dropped it in the mail and wanted us to go on this discovery, and wanted us to find clues of some sort that tied this book back to him or her,” Brinker said. “I think if it was from a prospective student, it would be seen in a positive light. It would show us this student might think a little bit differently.” Read the full article here


Sky news reported that the university will continue to try and find out who sent this and post a follow up.

I hope it was just someone who was an avid fan and created this to create smiles throughout the university. It certainly brought a smile to this fan’s face and a few happy mail ideas of my own


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