Christmas Wishes every day

So throughout December, as is customary Christmas cards were being sent to people to send their Christmas wishes for the holidays.

With this in mind I decided to do this for a special person every day. I love getting mail through that doesn’t include bills and junk mail so a card a day for someone was sure to bring a smile to someones face, especially when it involves santa, reindeers and elves.

So from the 1st to 20th when Miss B would be leaving to spend Christmas in New York (shush, we don’t talk about that as I become crazy New york stalker jealous) I was sending her a card each and every day.

photo (4)


Due to good old english post and the odd not enough stamps on the envelope to get it there they didn’t necessarly get there in order. But all were numbered to keep track that they were all on their way.

photo (3)

As Miss B was going to be in New york for day 20 it seemed pointless sending this to her house as she wouldn’t be there to receive it. so what to do what to do?

Why send it to the hotel she was staying at in New York obviously. Thanks to my fantastic mama we made the last international posting date with fingers crossed that this would reach them in time. Enclosed was a very nicely worded letter explaining what I had been doing and asking nicely if they could pass it on to Miss B when she arrived.



So your probably now on the edge of your seats thinking, well……..did it? Did the plane get it there in time? Well……………

Not so much on time on time for check in but Christmas eve Miss B and her lovely man had it waiting for them on their pillow when they returned to their room that day.

This photo made my DAY!



So next Christmas, be old fashioned and send a card. It def puts a smile on people’s faces.



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