A smile to last a lifetime

So as you know my friend B and her lovely boyfriend spent their Christmas in New York. Having adventures throughout their time there and seeing the sights their Christmas day involved them taking a walk along the high line  where Mr G was about to give B the best present she could have asked for.


OH YES!!!!!! He popped the question. So AMAZING. This absolutely made my day when she text me  to tell me. A text I onlt received like two hours after she sent it, but my evening was complete I had a permanent smile on my face and was so excited for their coming marriage.  As you can see it wasn’t your stereotypical proposal with the diamond ring but this is very much them  (needless to say she ate it 😀 )

To celebrate they went to a local bar where the barman proceeded to give shots to everyone in there to congratulate them .

photo (2)

They are both amazing people and compliment each other so well. I cannot wait for the wedding and everything that leads up to it. My wedding was the most amazing day of my life and to share their day with them will be phenomenal.


To two special people. BAZINGA!


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