New year smiles

Hope you all had a good start to the new year and it was full of smiles as we enter a new year and new chances to create smiles each and every day in whichever way you can.


As a final smile for someone on New Year’s Eve I left a little friend on my train journey in order to create a smile for someones new year.



This little gal will make anyone smile especially with her liccle cupcake. I was asking someone to look after her for the new year and possibly go on her own adventures.


I am in hope that someone will follow the web address to this smile page and let us know that she got to someones home safely and what new year adventures she gets up to.


Happy new year to all and stay tuned for some eventful smiles this year. 


3 thoughts on “New year smiles

  1. Hi, I found Hello Kitty Cupcake on a train headed for Birmingham New street on New Years Eve, as my boyfriend and I were heading off on our holiday we took Cupcake and she had a lovely hot week in Lanzarote, I have a great photo of her by the pool but can’t seem to attach it. She’s now back home in Cheshire.

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