Valentine Smiles sent with friendlove

Valentine’s DAY!!!!!!

So never really been a big fan of Valentines day, not that I’m bitter because I’ve never actually received a Valentines day card. Though I do remember once having a large bar of Galaxy chocolate put in my backpack at primary school by a lovely young boy. I always remember my dad saying ‘Well he’s got good taste in chocolate’. Thanks for the approval dad.

Though I think it’s lovely that people profess their love for each other with cards and gifts and what not that’s not what I think Valentine’s day should really be about.

My Mr tells me every day how much he loves me (pass the bucket I know) so we don’t do the grand gestures on the one day but is something we show each other always throughout the year.

For me I think Valentine’s day should be about those secret admirers who finally get the courage to tell their crushes that they kinda like them or at least give the hint that someone likes them.  Or for letting those people that you don’t tell every day that you care about them.

With that in mind I have some awesome friends who despite us seeing each other quite often and chat away almost every other day I do not always tell them how much they are cared about and are thankful to them for being such amazing people to have in my life. This is what I call FRIENDLOVE.

So for all those who I wanted to profess my friendlove to, they all got their very own handmade Valentine’s day card. (Apologies if any of you thought they were from some hottie asking for a hot date)


For those who received their cards and actually read my blabbering on here, please post a pic of your smiles and your cards to show this actually works (counting on you guys 😀 )


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