Switzerland travel care package smiles

The man of honour is off on another Switzerland jaunt but unfortunately me and the hubby are not going with him. Therefore I decided to send him a little care package to send him on his way and ensure he enjoys his time there.


As there will be snow and a chill this time he has plans to do some hiking and learn to snowboard. Now knowing the history of Mr S he has a habit of somehow hurting himself from doing hardly anything at all. This does not bode well when putting him and snowboarding together so just hope he has his insurance at the ready.

So to ensure he is helped on his way there a small care package was sent to include things he may find useful whilst on his way there.


There included in his package we had chewy sweets for the take off, gloves to keep hands warm, travel checkers for those cold evenings, heat pad, bandages, hiking flag,starbucks gift card for pre flight cake and coffee, safety instructions and a little present from my Rabbid to his.





Mr S has said he will be doing a lot of hiking so the ‘I made it to the top’ flag is for photographic evidence to be made to prove he’s hiked the mountains of Switzerland. The safety instructions are due to the fact that I (the sensible, H&S conscious of the group) will not be there to moniter activities. This safety/instruction sheet includes – Listen to only good music on the plane, wrap up warm, Take lots of pictures, do not drink in high altitude, eat lots of good chocolate and listen to all instructions when learning to snowboard.


The parcel was well received (though the post from York were we posted it took its own sweet time getting it to him) and appreciaton photos sent included Mr S’s rabbid holding his present from my Crazy rabbid. (Please note the sweets have already been eaten!)






Hope he has a lovely time (even tho I’m super jealous) and that he doesn’t break anything. Though then at least the bandages may come in handy.


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