Big Bro Smiles

My brother is an awesome guy. Someone I would call my friend not just my brother. He is kind and generous and just one of those all round nice guys


Growing up we kind of had to be friends as all our ours from school lived at the other end of the village. From this we grew common interests in film and music. I remember three times falling asleep at the end of his bed trying to watching Demolition man, which for the record is an awesome film. He moulded me into an Everton fan and was with me as I went through my Duncan Ferguson stage and my John Oster obsession (Oh yes, remember this guy – OBSESSED)


One of the most monumental things we did as a bro/sis team was travel across the world to spend four months in Sydney. This was an amazing time ad we experienced so much from climbing the bridge, watching stars appear at the MTV music awards, appearing on our fave Australian Tv show – ROVE live, Green day concert. Weekly trips to department store Myers to play all the new game releases, Easter fair , celebrating Australia day, St Paddy’s day with green cider, swimming in the great barrier reef and just general dossing around Sydney and exploring all it had to offer. bro1 bro2













As we have both gone on and become grown ups. All married with houses, we don’t see each other as much as I’d like but I know he is always there if I needed him for that big bro help. Though he’s never really had to do the beating anyone up to defend me or warned boys off but I know he would. I look forward to the future where our families celebrate together and our future offspring grow up together and we have to throw kid’s parties. So in an ode to my bro and to give him and his lovely wife a smile of their return home from Doha where they have spent 10 days visiting the in laws I sent them a romantic meal for two in a box. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this due to a unfortunate deleting incident – naming no names. So I will tell you that the box contained a packet soup to start, Rogan josh seasoning for main, Angel delight for dessert followed by two sachets of hot chocolate for after dinner drinks. They also received dinner candles and hand drawn placemats along with a selection of stick on moustaches as after dinner entertainment.

So apologies for the lack of pictures of this smile but I assure you one was achieved.


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