GUEST POST – The Adventures Of A Beauty Apprentice

I recently did a guest post for ‘The Adventures of a beauty apprentice and in return she did her very own smile blgo entry for me.

One rainy day not so long ago, soon after I had started this blog I learnt that an old friend from primary school with THE most awesome name and initials (yes you guessed it – they are the same as mine!) had started a blog called ‘Once Upon My Smile’ and I can honestly say that it is one of the most inspiring, lovely and delightful blogs I have read and subscribed to to-date. It is very simply and honestly written, no gimmicks or flash products, although the lady in question is a dab hand at photography and amazingly crafty so that helps, but it is moreish.

As you may have guessed from the title it is all about making others smile, or what makes the author smile. And after having being infected by the blog from the beginning I was proud to share my experience with the author, and she asked me to share it with her readers so here I am.

I find the yuletide period one of great excitement, full of buzz from the anticipation of the presents, the over indulgence in food and also a rare time to catch up with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong it is one of the longest breaks given in a working year (unless one is a teacher) but yet I always end the time feeling like I’m ready for another holiday. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of my long standing yet far too distant friends a couple of months ago, who i shall name E. We met at uni whilst we both did German as part of our degree and became instant friends when I decided to jump on board her plans of where she was going on her 4 month placement to Germany.

Luckily we got on marvellously and a beautiful friendship developed, bonded largely on her inability to function without a coffee in a morning and my horrendous and unpredictable mood changes – we settled into a lovely routine of being there for each other and to this date she remains one of my dearest and bestest friends – we lived together in our final year of uni, shared many secrets and experiences and the only problem is now is that we don’t live close enough.


Over this conversation i learnt that she had not had as good a Christmas as many others due to a really, really sad tragic event that happened – one of which I will keep private if you don’t mind – but in any case she was upset and I couldn’t be there to cuddle her. It is said that I have a lot of friends, which I do, I am a rather sociable person and if I am going to end up anything like my Mother then I will end up talking to strangers and making friends with them too – but I have a select bunch who are my closest and most treasured friends and when they feel pain then I feel it too. This was one of those occasions. After speaking to her I desperately wanted to send her something to make her smile and remembering a topic of our conversation I sent her this :


It has not gone unnoticed in my eyes that there is a split opinion about this woman – Miranda Hart – but in this story she is a hero (or heroine?). We both absolutely love her and for anyone who has seen the show you will understand that there are many traits in what she does that resemble any normal daily routine. Well if it doesn’t, you’re lucky but for E & I it does – I think she is possibly the funniest female ever. I was fortunate enough to receive this autobiography for Christmas so I decided that E was in great need of it too – and although I haven’t finished reading it, it has brought a smile to both of our faces on many occassions – the sending and receiving of it, when I shared my act of kindness with this fabulous blog author and her reaction, the tales, trials and tribulations that Miranda goes through and being able to share with E the bits we love. That to me, is priceless.



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