Engagement Smiles -BIG SMILES

One of the best days of the year so far created two major smiles and smiles all round for those that know them.

It started out with a treasure hunt. The aim was for the two teams – Miss J, Mr C, Master P and Bazatron to follow the clues to locatiosn around Preston and by using the first letter of each location would spell out their final destination. This was set up with invitations sent to everyone with and envelope of clues for each team member. Or so Miss J thought.


This was all set up for the purpose of B’s proposal to Miss J.

As the first team and I made our way around Preston, B and Master P along with the hubby who Miss J though to be at work were setting up at Brockholes nature reserve where it would be filmed and photogrpahed to capture the event unfold.

After an hour and half of clue searching we were done and on our way.


Reaching the nature reserve, Miss J none the wiser when we saw Baz waiting on the jetty. Miss J was convinced that he’d won. We played it cool explaining he didn’t have the X he needed to win. Encouraging her to go ask him she made her way over where he told her he had in fact won.

bazjadeblog2 bazjadeblog3

Having explained his victory they made their way down to the end of the jetty to take a photo of his winnings where he then presented her with his Ipad.

A slideshow was flicked through stating how ‘amazing she was and how much baz lover hed ended with a screen shot of the words SO……’

She turned around to find him on one knee holding out a stunning ring.

She of course said YES!!!!!

With all the moment from start to finish captured on camera it is a day never to be forgotton. And for all of those who couldn’t be there check out the video to see the whole thing.


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