Bling a ding Smiles

One of my favourite things that makes me smile is hearing about people getting engaged. I’m a big sucker for all things wedding related and am always on hand to help out, craft, share my ideas about anybodies upcoming wedding. I enjoyed creating my own day so much and after 2 years of planning was totally worth it in seeing the end result and those nearest and dearest  enjoy my creation; so I am always willing to help out others create theirs. 

I was super excited to see a fellow blogger get engaged in the last month and though we have not seen each other in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrs. It’s always one of those where we must get together but just never get the chance. But she always has a friendly word for me and has a great blog  Perfume Click

So in order to welcome her to the world of engagement, a pre wedding happy mail was in need.


Wedding reading material

3 4Because every bride to be needs a planning notepad (or 5 like I ended up with)

Hopefully this will create a wedding planning smile and start her off in the right direction for the happy planning times

And because we all love a bit of jewellery porn – THE RING (absolutely stunning. Well done Mr G)


And we will of course be on hand to offer our wedding photography services Eighth Avenue Photography


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