Absent smiles but still there

So it’s been a little quiet on the smile blog front but that’s not to say smiles haven’t been create. Well at least I hope not.


This Summer has been mega busy with the wedding photography which I hope I have helped towards creating massive smiles by helping photograph their special day.


For me (not just because I’m a photographer) but in general believe photography is one of the most important parts of a wedding day. Yes you can buy the perfect dress, have an amazing cake, arrive in the swankiest of cars but without it being photographed professionally how can you capture those moments for years to come. Yes you will always remember certain things (I’m sure I’ll always own my wedding trainers till I’m old and grey) but to convey these details and moments to people who couldn’t attend and children and grandchildren in years to come photos are the only way.


So the weddings…… there have been some belters (Yes I’m from Wigan).  There’s been Italian and English national anthems sang full belt, bra swinging, elderly ladies planking, battery operated fans, the arrival of a dog at a reception, of course celebrating our first wedding anniversary photographing an amazing couple at our now shared wedding venue and an amazing wedding celebration of Mr & Mrs Field which was full of camping, wig wams, bouncy castles. folk band and PIE  (I’m a bit biased on this one as they are awesome friends)

Here are just a few hightlights. For more seeEighth Avenue Photography













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