Absent smiles but still there

So it’s been a little quiet on the smile blog front but that’s not to say smiles haven’t been create. Well at least I hope not.   This Summer has been mega busy with the wedding photography which I hope I have helped towards creating massive smiles by helping photograph their special day.   For […]

Bling a ding Smiles

One of my favourite things that makes me smile is hearing about people getting engaged. I’m a big sucker for all things wedding related and am always on hand to help out, craft, share my ideas about anybodies upcoming wedding. I enjoyed creating my own day so much and after 2 years of planning was […]

Beauty Smiles

GUEST POST FOR The Adventures of a beauty apprentice The nature of my blog is to create smiles. Not with huge expensive gestures or anything like that but from doing simple everyday things to make people smile. This can be friends and family as well as people I’ve never met. The blog also looks into […]