Cake smiles

So this may shock some people, but I don’t like cake! I know I know, some believe there is something very wrong with me. I don’t know what it is. I’ve never had any bad traumatic experiences with cake which would bring me to this point I just don’t really like the taste of it. Brownie, flapjacks, biscuits, cornflake cakes. All that kind of thing I love but when it comes to the spongey kind of cake, not a fan.

Having said that I LOVE to bake. I can eat the mixture no problem and find it fun decorating and coming up with different ways to make them look pretty, i just won’t eat them at the end of it. With that in mind recently my normal sponge cakes have been inedible.


Don’t know why but it seems I lost the function to bake a normal cake but this has been rectified after baking some today and they seem to be ok. The taste test by the MR is still to be completed. (and yes the one in the middle looks awesome but tasted like a big lump of fudge)

I was inspired this week to do some baking after doing a photoshoot for someone’s new Cake making website. It was awesome. We walked in the room and the table was filled with various cupcakes, wedding cakes and AMAZING cake pops. The cakes were beautifully decorated and you could see the time, effort and love that had been put into them. When asking the baker if she ever just baked cakes to eat herself she explained that’s not why she does it. It’s for the expressions and enjoyment on people’s faces as they eat them. All of which were apparent when we sampled some of the cakes. (It would have been rude not to) The Mr took on the strawberry sponge whilst I attacked the cake pops. Something I had been wanting to taste since seeing them on a blog months ago.

So whilst I don’t like cake myself it does bring a smile to my face making them and decorating them and as the baker said the smiles she creates when people eat her creations means Cake = smiles

Here is a sample of some of the great cakes we shot


And the cake pops – ooooooooooooooohh the cake pops. I would love to be able to make these but I think that’s going to take a lot of time to perfect.


So these are the attempts from today, they seem ok. But have yet to be tasted so that may not be the next smile blog entry 😀




And just because we are on a yummy cake photo overload – this was our wedding cake! AWESOME (though again I never had any of it but was told they were amazing) The design was spot on what was in my head and our wedding cake baker did my imagined creation to perfection.

486156_10152278830665232_1270568420_n (1) 549089_10152278830545232_1107873101_n



Valentine Smiles sent with friendlove

Valentine’s DAY!!!!!!

So never really been a big fan of Valentines day, not that I’m bitter because I’ve never actually received a Valentines day card. Though I do remember once having a large bar of Galaxy chocolate put in my backpack at primary school by a lovely young boy. I always remember my dad saying ‘Well he’s got good taste in chocolate’. Thanks for the approval dad.

Though I think it’s lovely that people profess their love for each other with cards and gifts and what not that’s not what I think Valentine’s day should really be about.

My Mr tells me every day how much he loves me (pass the bucket I know) so we don’t do the grand gestures on the one day but is something we show each other always throughout the year.

For me I think Valentine’s day should be about those secret admirers who finally get the courage to tell their crushes that they kinda like them or at least give the hint that someone likes them.  Or for letting those people that you don’t tell every day that you care about them.

With that in mind I have some awesome friends who despite us seeing each other quite often and chat away almost every other day I do not always tell them how much they are cared about and are thankful to them for being such amazing people to have in my life. This is what I call FRIENDLOVE.

So for all those who I wanted to profess my friendlove to, they all got their very own handmade Valentine’s day card. (Apologies if any of you thought they were from some hottie asking for a hot date)


For those who received their cards and actually read my blabbering on here, please post a pic of your smiles and your cards to show this actually works (counting on you guys 😀 )

Dance like no one is watching

One of my favourite things in the world that makes me smile (and I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this) is dancing around the room singing full volume to my favourite songs. No judging, no complaining, it’s about you being the worlds best singer and dancer in the world at that moment in time. Well in my head that’s how it works.

Now I am the first to admit that I may not be the greatest singer in the world ( to be honest I’m god damn awful) but that doesn’t stop me belting my heart out at the top of my voice thinking I am the greatest singer in the world and that I should be performing on stage so that everyone can indulge in my vocals.

Now my husband will beg to differ and often describes it as a wailing cat so I do tend to keep the singing virtually low key when I’m in company but when there’s no one in that room – boom no one can stop.

As the saying goes – sing as if no one is listening and dance like no one is watching.

So in order for you all to indulge in my awesomeness and star potential

ENJOY (just click the box – please note it’s not actually me singing, I had to spare you the pain)

dance thumb

Hello Kitty Update

So for all of those who saw the post at new year featuring a little cupcake Hello Kitty

New Year Smiles IMG_1102

she was sent on her travels in the hope that someone would take her home and look after her.


Well Kitty got lucky when the lovely Kelly found her on her way to Birmingham where she was heading off on a holiday to Lanzarote with her boyfriend so they took her with them.


So here is Kitty sunning herself on holiday for the New Year

IMAG0355 (1)


Kelly in fact works for the railway so she is going to see if she can continue Kitty’s adventures so let’s see where she ends up


Thanks Kelly for getting in touch and letting us know kitty got somewhere safe

Cabbage Patch Smiles

The other day I saw a little girl carrying her very own Cabbage Patch doll and it brought such a smile to my face. And the reason why? Well this is the story.

So since I was around 7 years old I have been collecting the amazingly cute Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. (They are cute not creepy) This was in 1990 so I was around 7 years later than the massive craze of when they first came out in 1983 and available for adoption.

I had decided I wanted one of these dolls for Christmas that year and remember being in Bolton town centre’s ‘Toymaster’ with my mum picking one out. The lucky winner to come home with me that Christmas was Joel. He was one of the big kids with his curly brown hair and trendy tracksuit. Trainers of course included. I was so excited to get to open his box on Christmas day and finally play with him. The biggest surprise of that year was when I got to my grandparents and found that I also had a Cabbage Patch baby as well to play with.

This is were we are introduced to Della. In girly baby blue and pink bonnet and outfit she had a what some may say a gormless look on her face. All of what I remember is removing her bonnet and saying ‘She’s bald’. But from there grew both my love for Della and my collection of dolls.


The originals adding to the collection where Hannah and Graham who I will always keep. Hannah part of the toddler group and Graham another baby. A doll became a standard present for both Christmas and birthdays, even some also at Easter instead of eggs and every time it put a smile of my face. My collection slowly grew with the core gang of around 12 who were the main ones I would play with but was still adding with all the new editions that they would bring out. Special editions like the tanning kid, peanut butter and jelly, ones that giggle and those to put in the bath with you in their own rubber ring. As I grew older I still collected them, just didn’t play with them as much. That was when the really special editions started being bought. Those such as the astronaut, matador and anniversary editions

A trip to New York saw me purchase the special 10th anniversary edition Prom king style kid in his tuxedo.


Another trip to New York saw me adopt the ‘Toys R Us’ special edition where I actually had to carry out the adoption oath in front of the ‘witness’. Luckily it was just my mum and the guy who worked there.

My collection got to around 200, not including all the little accessories that went along with them. I have since curbed the buying of the new cabbage patch dolls though my hubby has indulged me in a couple of special dolls whilst we’ve been together.

Throughout the years though I have always had my favourite ( I know your not supposed to pick a favourite kid but…) Della Sylvie. She was one of the ultimate originals and from then she has been pretty much been everywhere with me including University, every holiday including around the world to Australia and New York.


We did leave her at home when we went on honeymoon though she did have pride of place at the wedding.


I hope that when I finally have a little girl of my own she will continue the love of the dolls and play with those handed down to her. But as for Della she will always be mine.

A smile to last a lifetime

So as you know my friend B and her lovely boyfriend spent their Christmas in New York. Having adventures throughout their time there and seeing the sights their Christmas day involved them taking a walk along the high line  where Mr G was about to give B the best present she could have asked for.


OH YES!!!!!! He popped the question. So AMAZING. This absolutely made my day when she text me  to tell me. A text I onlt received like two hours after she sent it, but my evening was complete I had a permanent smile on my face and was so excited for their coming marriage.  As you can see it wasn’t your stereotypical proposal with the diamond ring but this is very much them  (needless to say she ate it 😀 )

To celebrate they went to a local bar where the barman proceeded to give shots to everyone in there to congratulate them .

photo (2)

They are both amazing people and compliment each other so well. I cannot wait for the wedding and everything that leads up to it. My wedding was the most amazing day of my life and to share their day with them will be phenomenal.


To two special people. BAZINGA!

New year smiles

Hope you all had a good start to the new year and it was full of smiles as we enter a new year and new chances to create smiles each and every day in whichever way you can.


As a final smile for someone on New Year’s Eve I left a little friend on my train journey in order to create a smile for someones new year.



This little gal will make anyone smile especially with her liccle cupcake. I was asking someone to look after her for the new year and possibly go on her own adventures.


I am in hope that someone will follow the web address to this smile page and let us know that she got to someones home safely and what new year adventures she gets up to.


Happy new year to all and stay tuned for some eventful smiles this year. 

Christmas Wishes every day

So throughout December, as is customary Christmas cards were being sent to people to send their Christmas wishes for the holidays.

With this in mind I decided to do this for a special person every day. I love getting mail through that doesn’t include bills and junk mail so a card a day for someone was sure to bring a smile to someones face, especially when it involves santa, reindeers and elves.

So from the 1st to 20th when Miss B would be leaving to spend Christmas in New York (shush, we don’t talk about that as I become crazy New york stalker jealous) I was sending her a card each and every day.

photo (4)


Due to good old english post and the odd not enough stamps on the envelope to get it there they didn’t necessarly get there in order. But all were numbered to keep track that they were all on their way.

photo (3)

As Miss B was going to be in New york for day 20 it seemed pointless sending this to her house as she wouldn’t be there to receive it. so what to do what to do?

Why send it to the hotel she was staying at in New York obviously. Thanks to my fantastic mama we made the last international posting date with fingers crossed that this would reach them in time. Enclosed was a very nicely worded letter explaining what I had been doing and asking nicely if they could pass it on to Miss B when she arrived.



So your probably now on the edge of your seats thinking, well……..did it? Did the plane get it there in time? Well……………

Not so much on time on time for check in but Christmas eve Miss B and her lovely man had it waiting for them on their pillow when they returned to their room that day.

This photo made my DAY!



So next Christmas, be old fashioned and send a card. It def puts a smile on people’s faces.